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Phase 2 arrives

Zelden / Nov 08, 2019

Phase 2 is coming very soon, so here's what you need to know..

Server Transfers

We don't know how Blizzard intend to handle server population. We will make a decision within days of Phase 2 as to whether or not we are transferring. This will be based on whether there are consistent disruptive login queues, and on zone population. There will be a further meeting about transfers if that's the route we intend to go. Any questions just ask!

Events and You

PVP events will be posted, and for those that intend to rank or do heavy world pvp you can sign up to the PVP rank by doing !pvp Even if you aren't interested in PVP everyone should aim for Rank 2 for Insignia of the Alliance, and everyone should look to group up more than ever for any world content. Playing solo in Classic invites a degree of trouble, so use your friends and make some new ones!

World Bosses

Azuregos and Kazzak become available and we will consider contesting them. This will require a very fast response and it's not something I expect of anyone. However if you are interested in contesting world bosses, sign up for the World role using !world and turn your discord notifications on

The later part is vital because we will need to ping and form up for raids and travel very very quickly for a chance at kills.

A final battle

We will be storming a horde city before the end of Phase 1. Check the Calendar for updates

Here's a little guide I wrote to help people out with World PVP. Hope it saves your life!

Guild meeting recording here.

The website is all due to have a makeover with a new theme for Phase 2 and some new pages to showcase the Guild.


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