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A Lady's Demise

Zelden / Sep 23, 2019
Wow, what a night!

Onyxia down on only our 3rd attempt. Lucifron and Gehennas followed not long afterwards.
Overall I was exceptionally pleased with how the raid went and how the majority approached it. Here's too many more successful ones in future!

Our loot system looked ok on paper but it'd be wrong not to address some issues and adjust it to make sure those that put in are rewarded, and that raid loot benefits the Guild and it's ability to progress. We might make some more adjustments going forward, but the following are in place for now:

* The maximum bid has been increased from 40 to 60
* Total DKP earnt from Guild events organised by an Officer has increased from 2 to 5, this is to compensate less events taking place
* Loot Council will be stepped up from the priority list to target people that need it more. This will mostly apply to Tanks but will sometimes come into effect for healers/dps when necessary. This is to ensure loot help progress the Guild faster. Decisions will be made mostly around effort and attitude towards the guild, attendance and Guild event involvement, raid frequency, and of course will take current gear into consideration as well.

We also felt it'd be prudent to create a list of tanks that we're currently trying to gear for progression, which has been drawn up based on the above discussed factors. This is by no means a limited list, new and upcoming tanks will and can be added. However this should provide some transparency on our current goals to aid Guild progression.

Costamama (Warrior)
Fillman (Warrior)
Snailfreund (Druid)
Zelden (Paladin)

Some people were having issues viewing DKP today. I believe this should be fixed by grabbing the latest version of Monolith which can be found here:

This weeks event calendar is pretty open, so please setup and organise runs suitable for your level!



I still find it funny that it was on a test/learning run we killed Onyxia
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